[rescue] emacs for sunos 4.1.4

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Tue May 29 06:44:10 CDT 2018

" From: Doug McIntyre <merlyn at geeks.org>
" On Mon, May 28, 2018 at 10:27:26PM -0400, john wrote:
" > I can't remember if emacs came on the CD, assume it didn't. so since i 
" > have this crackerjack sparc10, up and running with some disk space, 
" > where should I look for a suitable emacs?
" No, Sun didn't do freeware releases for SunOS v4.1.4.
" It would probably be best to compile from source.
" Assuming you have a gcc bootstraped up from the pre-K&R compiler that
" was included to build the kernel, or you have the appropriate Sun
" Workshop compilers installed..

having learned my unix at at&t, i'm a vi person.  i tried emacs but
couldn't get my head around it, and after 3+ decades i can fly vi in
my sleep.  ksh in vi-mode has been my shell ever since i learned that
ksh86 had a cle.

but back in the mid '90s i was at a 4.1.4 shop, with both emacs and
xemacs installed, and i'm pretty sure i compiled them both with the
sunos compiler.  i don't think we even had gcc installed.

no flicker as to what versions - save that i kept current - but i do
recall that one [probably xemacs as it was newer] had a massive bug
that if triggered would malloc *all* your vm.
another memory of that shop - that's also where i first encountered
jumpstart.  that was fun.
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