[rescue] SUN PCMCIA SBus Card

Richard ejb at trick-1.net
Sun May 27 17:11:35 CDT 2018

:-) am enjoying the discussion

Makes me want to get an AS400....

So back to the subject anyone know where I can find the PCMCIA drivers for
Solaris ?

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> On 28 May 2018, at 07:53, Dave McGuire <mcguire at neurotica.com> wrote:
> On 05/27/2018 05:20 PM, Jonathan Patschke wrote:
>>> B This tickled a memory.B  No offense, but you've also proclaimed that
>>> the user experience with the IBM 5250 is awful.
>> I don't think that was me.B  The administrative experience isn't that
>> unless you're an all-IBM shop, and my experience is more with 3270-lineage
>> terminals than 5250s, but I like the 3270 experience at lot.
>  Ok, I could certainly be wrong, and if I am, I apologize.  I could've
> sworn that you and I were discussing AS/400s here on this list sometime
> in the past couple of years, and you mentioned something about "the
> awful 5250 user experience" and it really stuck with me.  Because that's
> not at all how many people who sit (or sat) in front of an AS/400
> terminal all day, every day saw them.
>  One recent one that I picked up, from a county government building in
> a terrifyingly religion-obsessed region in southwest Ohio, was
> particularly fun.  A handful of older ladies came scurrying down to the
> loading dock because they'd been told that "someone had come to get
> 'their 400'".  They looked at the young guy who swapped it out for some
> overgrown Windows toy with great disdain, and made me promise to take
> good care of "their 400".  I will never forget that, it was hilarious!
>  In reality there's very little difference between 3270 and 5250; even
> the wire protocols are similar.  IBM was great at re-using things with a
> "toolbox" approach, but now always!
>> A lot of benefits come with terminal controllers and the rest of IBM's
>> complexity, but the complexity is non-optional.B  This is parallel to my
>> complaint with Emacs.
>  *shrug*  Mainframes are complex things that are used for complex
> tasks.  You set up a given terminal controller once, and it may be in
> another city or even country.  It's not really any more complicated than
> setting up [drum roll please] what YOU (and I) are used to setting up.
> Beefy UNIX systems tend to baffle most mainframers too.  (Just like
> emacs vs. vi, I run both and interact with both communities, so I feel
> qualified to make that statement.)
>>> B They're just not YOUR favorite tools or mesh well with what YOU do.
>>> And that's ok.
>> Exactly so.B  If all my tools plugged into Emacs, I'd appreciate it a lot
>> more.B  But it's really just a whole lot of tooling for a transitory text
>> editor.
>  But it's not "a transitory text editor".  It can be used for that,
> especially now (emacs starts up every bit as quickly as vi on all of my
> current systems...that wasn't the case 20 years ago), but it's been a
> programming editor from day one.  Emacs just wasn't conceived for
> throwing entries in /etc/hosts.
>  I sometimes plug my tools into emacs, but most of the time I start it
> up and spend the next ten hours writing code.  Very happily. =)  *swoon*
>> Most of the time, though, I just want to hammer out some code, and all the
>> rest of Emacs is overhead.
>  For the way YOU use a programming editor, yes.  That's not usually the
> case for "emacs people", which is why they are "emacs people".  Nobody
> is forcing you to accept that supposed overhead, even if today it only
> really exists in terms of some spent disk space.
>  ...Wow.
>  Look, I mentioned emacs vs. vi as a joke.  I honestly thought the
> world was over that crap by now, but apparently it isn't.  I'm sorry for
> even having brought it up.  This debate, and these EXACT same arguments,
> have been rehashed ad infinitum, ad nauseum by hordes of people since
> the 1980s.  Only the venue has changed.  I suggest that we drop it.
>>> B Yup.B  And the only things worse than crap like that are the morons who
>>> think that software cannot be written without them.B  "Duh, Where do I
>>> click to make my program go??"
>> My Dad used to complain about a particular sort of mechanic that came up
>> in my generation.B  He called them "parts-swappers."B  He'd rebuild a
>> transmission; a parts-swapper would swap it out.B  At some economies of
>> scale and severity of repair, replace vs fix makes more sense, but if
>> someone who doesn't know *how* to fix it can't make that call.
>> Java, PHP, and JavaScript brought up a generation of library-swappers.
>  Yes.  [vomit]  But I am thankful for those kids, because their
> cluelessness and shoddy work keeps me in nice consulting work. :)
>             -Dave
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