[rescue] Sun2: Looking for the 1.X Boot PROMs

Steve Piette steve at simon.chi.il.us
Sun May 27 10:58:34 CDT 2018

Steve Piette wrote:
> Ryan Eisworth wrote:
>> On Apr 10, 2018, at 1:20 PM, Steve Piette <steve at simon.chi.il.us> wrote:
>>> Anyone have the 1.X.X version of the Sun2 boot PROMs that came out 
>>> with/after 4.0? I have the Rev N and Rev R PROMs.  
>> Just tonight I came into possession of a basket case 2/120 as a 
>> disassembled
>> pile of parts. I have two CPU boards. Thanks to the help of a few 
>> friends, one
>> has been identified as Rev N, and the other as Rev 1.0f. They are imaged
>> here:
>> <https://diskfutility.com/files/sun/rom/Sun2-120-rev1.0f-IC1.BIN>
>> <https://diskfutility.com/files/sun/rom/Sun2-120-rev1.0f-IC2.BIN>  
> The rev N images look like the standard version for the Sun-2 keyboard 
> but the rev 1.0f look like it may be a winner. I'll try burning a 
> couple of 27256 EPROMs and see if it boots up and what it says it is.

It took a little longer to get the EPROM burner working than I planned 
but it's done, burned the 1.0f images to 27C256, moved J400 from 1-2 to 
2-3 for the 256 chips. Here's the result using a Sun-2 Prime CPU board 
that was running Rev R before the swap:

Self Test completed successfully.

Sun Workstation, Model Sun-2/120 or Sun-2/170, Sun-2 keyboard
ROM Rev 1.0f, 5MB memory installed
Serial #XXXX, Ethernet address 8:0:20:XX:XX:XX

Using RS232 A input.
Auto-boot in progress...
Abort at EF5146

Boot PROM Monitor Commands Description Help Table

a [digit]                               | Open CPU Address Regs (0-7)
b [dev([cntrl],[unit],[part])]          | Boot a file
c [addr]                                | Continue program at this address
d [digit]                               | Open CPU Data Regs (0-7)
e [addr]                                | Open address as a 16 bit word
f start_addr end_addr pattern [size]    | Fill Memory
g [addr]                                | Go to this address
h                                       | Display Help Menu
k [number]                              | Reset (0)CPU, (1)MMU, (2)System
l [addr]                                | Open address as a 32 bit long word
m [addr]                                | Open Segment Map
o [addr]                                | Open address as a 8 bit byte
p [addr]                                | Open Page Map
q [addr]                                | Open EEPROM
r                                       | Open CPU Regs (i.e. PC, SR)
s [digit]                               | Set or query Function Code (0-7)
t [y/n/c]                               | Trace: Yes/No/Continuous
u [argument]                            | Use different console devices
v start_addr end_addr [size]            | Display Memory
x                                       | Extended Diagnostic Tests
z [addr]                                | Set a Breakpoint
Using RS232 A input.

Extended Test Menu:  (Enter 'q' to return to Monitor)

Cmd -  Test

  kb - Keyboard Input Test
  me - Memory Test
  vi - Video Test
  mk - Mouse/Keyboard Ports Test
  rs - Serial Ports Test
  ec - 3Com Ethernet Bootpath Test
  ar - Archieve Tape Bootpath Test
  be - Ethernet Bootpath Test
  mt - TapeMaster Bootpath Test
  sd - SCSI Disk Bootpath Test
  st - SCSI Tape Bootpath Test
  xt - Xylogics Tape Bootpath Test
  xy - Xylogics 450/451 Disk Bootpath Test


Memory Tests:  (Enter 'q' to return to Test Menu)

Enter Cmd [low addr > 0x2000] [hi addr < 0x4FFFFF] [hex pattern]

Cmd -  Test

  a - Address Test
  c - Wr/Rd Pattern Test
  r - Read/compare Pattern Test
  s - Scan Memory Test
  w - Write Pattern Test


Test Options: (Enter 'q' to return to Test Menu)

Cmd  -  Option

 f   -  Loop forever
 h   -  Loop forever with Halt on error
 l   -  Loop once with Loop on error
 n   -  Loop forever with error messages inhibited
<cr> -  Loop once


Memory test from address [0x2000 - 0x4FFFFF].

Test passed during pass 1.  Total errors = 0.

Memory Tests:  (Enter 'q' to return to Test Menu)

While there may still be a later (newer) revision, this works great.

Thank you Ryan!


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