[rescue] SUN PCMCIA SBus Card

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sat May 26 19:05:21 CDT 2018

On 05/26/2018 04:55 PM, John Hudak wrote:

> EMACS gets my vote... ;)

    I want to find the guy who invented EMACS and break his little

    I know its heritage is somehow linked to TECO, but I fondly
recall TECO and still on occasion have to use it, or one of its
(bastard) siblings.  In point of fact, if I'm working on a VAX
I prefer TECO to EVE.

    I find the notion of a USENET news-reader being built into a
text editor as inane as a flight-simulator being built into a
spreadsheet application.

    On "tip" and "cu", I've used both on occasion, and sometimes
still have to (it's part of the curse of being interested in and
actually using history).  Both work.  So does Kermit (I was the
last maintainer of the CLIX port of Kermit).  Seyon is a very
good emulator if you're looking for VT-{whatever} emulation.
Noting emulates Data General terminals very well.


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