[rescue] istatserverlinux part - Re: problems compiling istatd and/or Bjango istatserverlinux on Solaris 11.3

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Mon May 21 15:30:52 CDT 2018

Hello Jonathan,

see reply at bottom,

sorry for bottom posting

On 21/05/18 15:23, Jonathan Patschke wrote:
> On Mon, 21 May 2018, Jerry Kemp wrote:
>> OK, here is the default output from Solaris 11.3.  Seems it ships with 1.0.1.p
> 1.0.1p9 is correct.
>> Not sure how to determine if elliptic curve cryptography has been
>> disabled.  Will need to read up on that on.
> I've checked the header files in my Solaris 11.3 VM.  The calls aren't
> there.  They were removed by Oracle as a result of how the OpenSSL package
> was configured:
>          jp at ai-vm:/usr/include/openssl$ grep ECDH opensslconf.h
>          #ifndef OPENSSL_NO_ECDH
>          # define OPENSSL_NO_ECDH
>          # if defined(OPENSSL_NO_ECDH) && !defined(NO_ECDH)
>          #  define NO_ECDH
>> It seems that if I understand your comments correctly, a compile of a
>> current OpenSSL, then pointing my compile towards that installation,
>> should fix my compile issue of the Bjango istatserverlinux, or,
>> minimally, get me to the next issue.
> Be careful in doing that, if this is a machine you care about and
> frequently build software for.  Multiple installed versions of OpenSSL can
> cause all sorts of subtle pain.
> Make sure you install your side-compile in somewhere that ld.so and the
> compiler will never look unless specifically asked.

Thanks for the comment.  and yes, I'm playing with this stuff in a quick-n-dirty VM at $HOME.

There may be some older version of the Bjango specific code, that doesn't specifically require these OpenSSL parts, but if they 
exist and are available on the public Internet, I have not found them.

Short of finding an older version of the code that doesn't require these specific, new parts, I'm not sure that there is a way 
around this to produce working code.

Again, this is on a VM I put together at $HOME, and certainly not an operational or production system.

Thanks again for the comments,


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