[rescue] Free to a good home: Sun 200-pin DIMMs

Ross Lonstein rlonstein+sunhelp at pobox.com
Wed May 16 11:19:52 CDT 2018

I'm clearing out some parts:

 - 2x Micron MT18DT8144G, 128MB kit (64MB per stick)
 - 2x Samsung KMM51441000BTG, 128MB kit (64MB per stick)
 - 6x Samsung KMM3144C213BS, 32MB per stick
 - 2x PNY X7002A, 32MB per stick
 - 1x Centon, unknown, probably 32MB (there may be a second one)
 - 2x EMP, 32MB per stick

I'm pretty sure I IDed them correctly. You can see the photos at
http://www.lonsteins.com/free-parts-20180516. These were good pulls
stored six years ago but I have no way to check them now.

Free for cost of shipping from USA zip 12491.

- Ross

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