[rescue] Sun2: Looking for the 1.X Boot PROMs

Ryan Eisworth ryan at diskfutility.com
Wed May 9 01:22:01 CDT 2018

On Apr 10, 2018, at 1:20 PM, Steve Piette <steve at simon.chi.il.us> wrote:

> Anyone have the 1.X.X version of the Sun2 boot PROMs that came out
with/after 4.0? I have the Rev N and Rev R PROMs.

Just tonight I came into possession of a basket case 2/120 as a disassembled
pile of parts. I have two CPU boards. Thanks to the help of a few friends, one
has been identified as Rev N, and the other as Rev 1.0f. They are imaged



IC2 is the chip nearest the CPU. Hopefully this is helpful to someone.

Best regards,

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