[rescue] looking for 4x 32MB 72pin SIMMS for Quadra 840AV

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Mon May 7 22:41:12 CDT 2018

Thanks for the link about the MemoryX RAM.

I wasn't thinking about AUX, mainly because a) I already have servers in colo and can spin up a VM whenever I want, and b) I have 2 9600/300 or 350s sitting around that I can probably refurbish and bring up with Linux or NetBSD (might be interesting) if I want to.

Supposedly the 840AV sound in is dead-quiet for recording; a few people recommended it for high quality LP recording.



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MemoryX.com has 840av 32MB SIMMs for $7/each
http://www.memoryx.com/apl72p324k.html ](
http://www.memoryx.com/apl72p324k.html )

>the 840 should be a great box.
Any chance you're planning to run A/UX on it?

Sadly, the 840av isn't one of
the few machines that will run A/UX:
[ http://aux-penelope.com/hardware.htm ](
http://aux-penelope.com/hardware.htm ),
unlike the Quadra 610, 650, 700, 900,
and 950.
The 840av is still a nice machine to have, though.
I often wish I'd
kept mine.
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