[rescue] FTGH: old Trinitrons, SPARCprinter E...

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezicsb at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 15:04:15 CDT 2018

This is a long shot, but maybe there's someone lurking who might be nearby
with an interest.  I'm s l o w l y clearing out some of the clutter, and
starting with the bulkier items:

two 19" Trinitrons: one Sun branded, one Dell.  SVGA inputs.  Both work and
are reasonably clear, bright and sharp, but with no signal you can see
faint red (Dell) or blue (Sun) traces; the Sun monitor is a bit rough but
settles down after it warms up, so likely they need to be recapped?  Sun
P/N CPD-4410 (365-1403-01), Dell P/N P991.  Local pickup only.

one SPARCprinter E, 600dpi Postscript printer with Ethernet -- does not
require a custom interface card -- unused in original box with docs, driver
floppies, and "new printer smell".  (Sorry, I meant b^Ynew prin... :-)
This would be for parts, or a reclamation project: I'm pretty sure the
rollers have turned to goo.  Likely heading for the recycler, but since
SPARCprinters were mentioned here recently, thought I'd toss it out there.
Since this is in its original box I could ship it if you reeeeally are
interested, but it weighs a ton.  Sun P/N 595-6930-01.

I'm in Portland, OR, 97214.

These will probably get hauled off for recycling this weekend, but I
figured I'd ask...

Next up: does anyone possibly have an AC power supply for a Netra T4 or
want to swap for a DC one?  I'm not equipped to test -48VDC gear, and this
is a very handsome (but heavy) old Netra... inquiries off list. Thanks!

-- Chris
<skeezicsb at gmail.com>

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