[rescue] Free; HP Visualize C180 (plus extras), HP Proliant DL380

Rich Kulawiec rsk at gsp.org
Thu Mar 29 13:05:37 CDT 2018

I've finally had the time and space to do archaeology on the collection.
I owe lots of people lots of stuff.  But I don't think these are promised
to anybody yet.

Item 1 is a HP Visualize C-180 workstation, It comes with an HP SCSI
Enclosure C29670 that says it has a 4G drive in it, an HP SCSI Enclosure
C2943A w/CD, and a set of HP Visualize application software CDs.
(The two enclosures came from somewhere else but it seems to make sense
to keep them together.)  I "loaned this out" for a while never intending
to get it back...but it came back anyway. ;)  I haven't tested it.

Item 2 is an HP Proliant DL380 2U rackmount server with a couple of 73G
10K SCSI320 drives in it.  It works.  I pulled the drives and ran this
diskless for while, but I took care of the drives so they should still
be okay.

Location: Baltimore.  BUT I'm driving to St. Louis and back over the
weekend so if you're in Dayton or Indianapolis or some other place in
the middle, I'm willing to put them in the car and arrange a handoff.
However, I need to know before I leave, so in wonderfully last minute
fashion you have until 10-ish tonight to let me know.  (Hey, I didn't
get much warning on this trip either . Sorry.)


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