[rescue]  Re: SPARCclassic restoration

Richard ejb at trick-1.net
Tue Mar 27 14:56:42 CDT 2018

Hi Mike

So to get this far I have replaced all but 2x capacitors on the low voltage
side of the PSU. One is a 1200uF electrolytic which just isnbt in the
available catalogues locally. Would appreciate substitution thoughs if anyone
has experience. 2000uF? Maybe my answer is there.

Interestingly if I take the HDD off of then PSU then it wonbt boot. So this
suggest I still have a PSU issue.

Have already stripped down the memory as suggested. Also tried different pairs
of SIMM just in case.

So I think I am at
- replace final 2 capacitors
- replace PSU
- wash main board - it looks clean, but never know there might be something
thatbs causing an issue

Thanks for the thoughts



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> On 27 Mar 2018, at 23:12, Mike Spooner <mike.spooner.ux at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've seen this "mystery sudden poweroff after POST" on a couple of
> SPARCclassics a few years back. A replacement PSU fixed one of them but
> not the other :-(.
> I suppose the obvious belt-and-braces thing to check is the RAM SIMMs -
> must be installed in pairs, try with just a single pair of 16Mb SIMMs,
> one each in the 1st and 4th slots counting from the SBus end of the
> chassis, and swap-in any other 16Mb 72-pin parity SIMMs you have lying
> around to see if that helps.
> Of course, it could still be a PSU issue... If you remove the internal
> HDD, does it try to boot off the net after POST?
> Out of curiosity, what did you have to do to the PSU to get this far?
> -- Mike Spooner
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> Quick update
> OK so on a hunch replaced the NVRAM chip.
> On power on, Pressing STOP-D to start power on self test. Serial console
> plugged into ttya.
> The machine now gets through post past the below error and goes through
> to
> ....
> NVRAM Access Test
> TOD Registers Test
> Then identifies the memory in each bank
> and then powers off....!? Might have more work to do on the power supply.
> Richard
>> On Tue, 27 Mar 2018, at 9:24 PM, Richard wrote:
>> Hi Folks
>> Trying to bring back a SPARCclassic. Just finished rebuilding the power
>> supply and it now powers up.
>> However it fails to get past the following which is the first thing
> that
>> comes out on the serial console.
>> ERROR: FPU Exception Did Not Block Store, addr = 00600000, exp
> =00000000,
>> obs = -f884010, xop = 0f884010
>> U-NUMBER : Suspect Tsunami Module
>> Any suggestions, thoughts or guidance on the above error greatly
> appreciated.
>> Regards
>> Richard
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