[rescue] FYI regarding FrameMaker 5.5 - WAS::::::::::Re: Downsizing Sun Eqpt

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Mon Mar 26 23:01:04 CDT 2018

I have no "horse in this race", but I wanted to share this to assist who ever ends up with the Adobe FrameMaker 5.5 stuff.

* Unless this is a special CD, and it certainly could be, I expect this CD to not only support Solaris, but to be a *UNIX* cd, with 
binaries for:

Sun - SunOS 4.1.x
Sun - Solaris 2.4+

* Be it a stand-alone single license, or a shared license, the new owner will need some license to use this product.

* As part of the Sun (now Oracle) application binary compatibility guaranty, I've ran 5.5 on and up to Sol 10 successfully.  I don't 
believe this is unique.  Every Solaris admin probably has some application horror story, mine was with Veritas file system/volume 
manager when moving from Solaris 2.5.1->Solaris 2.6, but for the most part, most everything application wise transitions up OK.  I 
have not tried FM 5.5 either on Oracle Solaris 11.x+ or on any of the open Solaris based distro's, but my educated guess is that FM 
5.5 should run, as long as the IPv6 thing is addressed.

* There is one gotcha when running FrameMaker 5.5 to 6.0 on Solaris.  I could turn this into a book, but I'm just going to share 
this old (and long gone) Adobe tech doc from the Wayback Machine:::


^^^^ Very important if you use IPv6, or just have IPv6 enabled.

* FrameMaker 7.x for Unix, and above, works fine with IPv6 interfaces enabled.

* Patches, updates, additional templates, etc, still available directly from Adobe here:::



I will probably never write a book, but I am required to do a lot of technical documentation.  My tool of choice, for the last 20 
years, has been FrameMaker on Solaris.

Again, just hope this helps who ever ends up with this product.


On 26/03/18 20:51, remichael wrote:
>      A pending move requires me to downsize my Sun collection.  Any  or all of the
> following items can be had for the cost of shipping.  The exception is probably
> the CRT monitors, which would be very expensive to ship.


> Software:

> 1 FrameMaker 5.5 Sparc CD & Manuals (runs on Solaris 9)

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