[rescue] Sun Storage Common Array Manager

Wolfgang Stief w.stief at gmx.net
Mon Mar 26 14:31:14 CDT 2018

Hi Walter!

walter+rescue at belgers.com wrote:

> My system sees the controller, but I want to reconfigure it. On the  
> console, I
> get a VxWorks prompt on which I canbt do much. It seems I really need the
> Sun CAM tools. And that is the problem: they are nowhere to be found. Ibve
> found references on, e.g.,
> https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E20720_01/html/E20725-01/install.html
> <https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E20720_01/html/E20725-01/install.html> but  
> since
> Oracle took over theybve removed all software links.
> Does anybody have a copy? For Solaris x86 or Solaris sparc or even Linux or
> Windows..

I just sent you an e-mail on this offlist. Most probably, I can help.



0x96116155 -- C8ED 91A2 F5BD 7798 3433 DB01 33AD B7D9 9611 6155

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