[rescue] what can you do with an Apple Quadro 840AV

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Mon Mar 26 13:42:16 CDT 2018

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<CAMTenCFn6VgWG7jZQpNymWH6esygOzOdUfOq4CWTQb1uk2sOZw at mail.gmail.com>,
    Liam Proven <lproven at gmail.com> writes:

> On 26 March 2018 at 20:15, Chris Hanson <cmhanson at eschatologist.net> wrote:
> >
> > Really itb s one of the best system for running late-68000-era Mac
> software:
> I don't know if you know, but your email client is sending (lower-case
> b, space) instead of (apostrophe). It makes reading your reply
> difficult!

I'm seeing lower-case-b, Ctrl+Y in his reply :-)
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