[rescue] Small cache of Sun2 boards/systems to test.

Steve Piette steve at simon.chi.il.us
Thu Mar 15 12:26:03 CDT 2018

r.stricklin wrote:
> If you have the Multibus SCSI host adapter, it's possible to create a bootable
> OS disk using a newer machine running SunOS 4. After copying and booting the
> miniroot, the install just untars tape files, then runs makedev, creates an
> fstab, and installs a boot block. I can walk you through it if it would be
> helpful to you.

I have several 501-1006 Multibus SCSI host adapters but ATM no running 
Sun machines to format a drive on. I guess I should fix one of them up 

It's been a long time but I seem to remember I could dd disk images 
between SCSI disks but not SMD and ESDI drives due to drive parameters 
being on disk. I barely remember installing the OS 3.X and 4.X but I do 
remember rebuilding the kernel to reconfigure or add devices.

Speaking of the MB SCSI HA, does anyone have a part number label still 
on the center most 16R4 PAL next to U300. I have all the other PALs 
labeled but that one.

> It's possible to use a modern disk too, though not necessarily completely
> straightforward to get it set up so the Multibus SCSI host adapter is happy
> with it. I captured some notes here:
> http://typewritten.org/Projects/Sun/8-4841.html
> ok
> bear.

Thanks, I found your site early on in the search to refresh my long 
paged out memories. What you've posted was useful.

Fearing the loss of something important reusing any of my existing 
drives I've got a SCSI2SD on order.


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