[rescue] Small cache of Sun2 boards/systems to test.

Steve Piette steve at simon.chi.il.us
Wed Mar 14 23:28:13 CDT 2018

I have a collection, cache, big pile of old Sun hardware including 
several 2/120 and 2/170 systems and spares to weed through.

I've put together a 120 backplane and power supply for testing the 
various boards but I'm afraid to try using any of my 1/4" tapes due the 
the drive belt issues or powering up any of the machines with 1/2" 
drives considering it's been almost two decades since most of it was 
last powered up.

Does anyone have the diagnostics for the 68010 machines or a bootable OS 
handy I could get a copy of so I can see what works and what needs repair.



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