[rescue] Odd duck

Bob Darlington rdarlington at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 00:14:14 CDT 2018

Hi guys,

My friend sent me a letter asking if I was interested in some oddball
stuff.  Have any of you guys ever worked with anything like this?  Is there
a place this stuff should go to live in a forever home?

I was able to donate 2 of the the 3 computers to museums. I have 1
remaining Zephyr Wavetracer Model 8 "personal supercomputers." With
them, I have support boards, cables, and some additional hardware,
software, and can reproduce the manuals upon request. One of the ones
pictured is now at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA

For images of the boards and the system you can download the zip at

The general organization for the images is this:

    Picture of external storage box with the label visible
    Picture of front of board, followed by optional close-ups
    Picture of rear of board, followed by optional close-ups, esp. of
any hand-wiring
    There is a picture of the 1 U Windows server that I am working to
get software off of. So the answer to the software is that there is a
good chance once I overcome the forgotten account credentials.
    There are pictures of all three Zephyrs side by side (2
available), a close-up of the front, rear, and then pictures of the
wooden bases for the machines.

Would you be interested in acquiring any of the offered hardware? They
did boot and work in 2010, when they were last tested. They have one
of the most elegant assemblers for creating multi-dimensional
matrices, with the C^n language. The Processing Elements (PEs) are
connected to their immediate four neighbors with a Taurus-like wrap
around on the boards.


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