[rescue] Configuring SLIP, both (Unix) server and client ends (Dell Sys V rel 4 Unix)

Doug McIntyre merlyn at geeks.org
Sat Jun 30 10:55:30 CDT 2018

On Sat, Jun 30, 2018 at 12:31:00AM -0500, Jerry Kemp wrote:
> Its sad to admit, especially in a public forum, but I somehow made it thru the whole .COM thing without ever using or configuring 
> SLIP or CSLIP.  PPP was always there for me, or something else.

You didn't miss much. SL/IP was a pain. Writing modem scripts to drive
the serial links first before hopefully at the right time, the two
ends are ready to just try sending encapsulated IP datagrams without
any negotiation, and if everything is happy, things mostly kinda
worked. PPP added negotiation and handshaking. 

> Anyway, I'm burning some time at the "Virtually Fun" web site when an article for Dell Sys V rel 4 Unix crosses my path again.
> anyway, the kicker, and the reason for this request is complete lack of any usable network drivers.  If you look at the article, it 
> appears that, at least for now, SLIP is the only way to go.   I would like to be able to get data into and out of this VM.

If you just want data transfer, it would probably be better to go more
low level, like serial communications, xmodem/zmodem/kermit over
serial links. Or tar data to a file/floppy image, and mounting the
floppy back and forth. Kermit was awesome (and while I don't use its
data transfer capabilities, I still use it as a terminal command line
on my current OSX desktops/laptops. 

Forget networking unless you want an excercise in just getting the
system online and talking on a network.	There have to be way easier
ways to	transfer data like above. Or even writing the basics of	a file
system level FUSE driver seems easier than trying to get anything modern
to talk SL/IP

> I'm currently using Mac OS X for a host, but ultimately, I would
plan to move this VM over to a Solaris (or Solaris based distro).

Its highly doubtful you'll find anything in OSX or Solaris. By the time OSX
came out, PPP was an old man and well used. Think more like OS6 for
MacTCP 1.0 and SL/IP.  Of course, you had to obtain MacTCP in the first
place. We usually sent customers to the book store to find
such-and-such book that had a floppy with it on it with MacTCP in it.
cslip was only written for SunOS 3 + 4. Again by the time Solaris was
written/actually usable, PPP had long taken over.

If you want a whole long history of Mac Networking http://www.applefool.com/se30/

If you want to get Cslip for SunOS 4.1.4, they still have a FTP site 

It looks like WindowsXP	may still have had SL/IP in it?

If you had a Cisco router (virtual? hardware?), and connect up some
serial ports, a classic IOS version may let you do SL/IP.


I found better search strings including both slip and tcp in the query.
Once PPP was usable, it took over in a flash.

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