[rescue] Sun type 101a keyboard - where did Sun use this?

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Sat Jun 30 01:11:29 CDT 2018

So a few weeks ago, I spilled a glass of pop in my Oracle type 7 USB keyboard at $HOME, and, after I figure out I'm past the point 
of recovery, I'm surfing Amazon looking for a replacement type 7 USB Unix keyboard.

Amazon, IMHO, has one of the worst (internal) search engines I've ever used, and more often than not, just turns up pages of all 
kinds of stuff, none of it related to my search.

Anyway, my search turned up a hit for a Sun type 101a keyboard, and, when initially discovered, did not have an actual picture, it 
had some generic black keyboard.  A search for Sun type 101a keyboards really didn't turn up anything, aside from the originating 
Amazon advertisement, so I wrote a note to the seller requesting he post some pictures.

My personal knowledge of Sun keyboards are limited to type 3 thru type 7, and their variants.

A few days later, the seller added some actual pictures of the keyboard.   Here is the actual advertisement, now with pics:


Interesting pictures.  Aside from the Sun logo, it doesn't look like any Sun keyboard I've ever encountered.  that whole dual row of 
11 keys on the left side of the keyboard are missing.

Regarding the connector, if this was an early keyboard, one that was well before my time, I would have expected a 9-pin serial 
connector.  The picture is too dark for me to make out, but I suspect that the (round) connector is not a PS/2, but the 8-pin DIN 
connector used by Sun and Apple.

This is all just a "shot in the dark" on my part, although I am glad that "DreamHardWare", the seller, posted some actual pictures. 
I'm in need of a Type 7, Unix, USB keyboard, and would not fulfill my needs regardless of price.

I'm just hoping someone might have some "back story" on the type 101a keyboard.



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