[rescue] NeXT cube Raspberry Pi case

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Thu Jun 14 15:26:58 CDT 2018

Thanks for the post, I will stuff that piece of info with the rest of my NeXT data.

FWIW, its almost always the plan to max out the available ram on any vintage system I acquire, but, its even better to have a 
legitimate reason to do so.


On 14/06/18 14:51, Chris Hanson wrote:

> Beautiful system!
> But oof, OPENSTEP 4.2 in 16MB. 32MB is barely enough since it has to have both
> the NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP frameworks loaded most of the time. With a 68040
> cube you should be able to go to 64MB or 128MB (depending on whether itbs a
> turbo logic board) and itbll make a huuuuge difference.
>    -- Chris
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