[rescue] Here's more spam about my cancer

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Thu Jun 7 13:05:27 CDT 2018

Hello Bill,

just to start off, sorry about your ongoing health issues.  My prayers, and I'm sure that everyone here on these list, go out to you 
for a quick and complete recovery.

Unchanged from past transactions, I'm (still) not really an electronic funds guy, unless there is no other choice.

Wondering if I can send money in the form of a check to your "Meadowcroft" street location in Houston, or, if you have a new 
address, if you might share that address, possibly behind the scenes, for us to make contributions to.

Hoping you are able to get back on your feet soon,

Jerry Kemp

On 07/06/18 12:41, Bill Bradford wrote:
> I'll pimp this one more time, then I'll stop bugging y'all...  I want to
> thank everyone who has contributed, sent kind words and messages, etc.
> There's a lot of days when I wish I could just skip everything and skip
> straight to the end, if you know what I mean.. but then I see a funny
> Tweet, message on one of the lists, etc, and I keep going.
> I'm still going through daily chemo and my med copays and doctor appts are a
> couple hundred bucks a month.  This will eventually kill me, but I'm hanging
> on as long as possible.  Anything you might be able to contribute will help,
> and I thank you greatly.
> https://www.gofundme.com/misterbill

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