[rescue] IE on Solaris - WAS:::::compiling old software re: emacs on SunOS 4.1.4

Jonathan Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Sun Jun 3 21:51:28 CDT 2018

On Sun, 3 Jun 2018, Jerry Kemp wrote:

> That said, Andrew and Jonathan, is this *really* your opinion?  Or is
> the sarcasm just not making it across the Internet?

It is really my opinion.  I used IE for Solaris as my day-in, day-out
browser on an Ultra-1 for the duration of using that system.  Unlike its
contemporary version of Netscape Communicator, it didn't often leave me in
the position of having to kill it to regain control of my mouse cursor.

Entirely too many of my Netscape sessions ended because I opened a menu at
some inopportune menu and couldn't click on anything in any application

> These comments where just funnies?  Just missed 1 April by a bit?
> Right?

Nope.  I ran Netscape and IE side-by-side while doing web development.  IE
was slower and used a *lot* more memory, but Netscape more frequently
upended my whole workflow.

Jonathan Patschke
Austin, TX

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