[rescue] for sale sbus SCSI cards

Ross Lonstein rlonstein+sunhelp at pobox.com
Sun Jun 3 17:05:09 CDT 2018

I'm going through boxes and I have two sbus SCSI cards:

 - (1) QLogic SP1610402-01 wide
 - (1) Sun 270-2739-02 100-base TX ethernet, fast-wide 

The Sun card is a good pull but I no longer have equipment to
test. The QLogic has not been used as far as I know and is like new
(it was a spare). See http://www.lonsteins.com/sbus/ for the pictures.

For each card I'd like sufficient consideration to cover a six-pack of
craft beer plus USPS shipping from zip 12491.

- Ross

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