[rescue] IE on Solaris - WAS:::::compiling old software re: emacs on SunOS 4.1.4

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Sun Jun 3 02:32:27 CDT 2018

Sorry for replying to old stuff.

Been out over the last week and I am catching up.

That said, Andrew and Jonathan, is this *really* your opinion?  Or is the sarcasm just not making it across the Internet?

At least from my experience, and that of peer (sys admins), it was a horrible, nasty, buggy product that, we all suspected, merely 
filled in a check box for m$, and was gone as quick as it appeared.  We (sys admins) all quickly loaded it up, played with it a bit, 
then just as quickly deleted it.  Was working at a large oil exploration company at the time.  Supporting hundreds of geologist at 
the time (23 floors worth), all with SPARC Solaris based desktop's.  God-help-us if any them had seen or knew about IE on Solaris's 
existence and had asked for it.

One of the few products I don't keep a copy of in my (personal) archive.  Nothing positive to say about it.

These comments where just funnies?  Just missed 1 April by a bit?  Right?


On 29/05/2018 14:11, Andrew Jones wrote:
> The b
 browser on hardware that old is probably Internet Explorer for UNIX.
> Buggy, little or no CSS, but at least itbs fast

On 29/05/2018 15:17, Jonathan Patschke wrote:
 > IE for Solaris was pretty darned good, as was IE for MacOS.

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