[rescue] PS/2 parts

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sun Jan 28 18:46:42 CST 2018

Like most of you (I bet) I have enough computer gear that I forget what 
I have and what I don't have sometimes. I just ran across a box labeled 
"PS/2 stuff" that I didn't remember I had. Nice.

After a minute or so, I realized that I no longer have any PS/2 
hardware. Oh well.

So I have some extra things. I've tried to identify items with part 
numbers and Google, but I'm not that much on PS/2 gear. If anyone would 
like it (all or some) cost of shipping is good enough. If you see 
something really valuable and decide it's worth sending me a couple 
extra bucks, that's fine too.

one	IBM 167g	MCA memory upgrade board (with memory)
one	IBM 15F6561	MCA SCAI adapter (with cable)
one	Maynard		8-bit SCSI adapter with external 25-pin port
one	IBM 75x5886	MCA VGA video adapter
two 	IBM 92F0669	2MB memory card with a 96-pin connector
one	IBM 25F7540	MCA Token Ring card

There's also what appears to be a 486 CPU with a heatsink.

And, if that token ring card sounds exciting, I can probably dig up some 
more token ring stuff: PC adpaters, some cables and a MAU.

I'd be shipping from 04011, and I have boxes and stuff available now, so 
if you're interested, speak up before the boxes go to recycling. :-)


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