[rescue] OT wireless bridge

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Sun Jan 28 17:45:13 CST 2018

Hi All

I guess for a lot of you this may be old news, but if it helps someone, then
hopefully the rest will not shout at me too much.....

Background - I have just moved house to a much smaller house which has no
separate office building as I am cutting down work significantly. So space is
at a premium. My broadband connection is a standard BT Fibre wifi Hub which is
located in the small 3rd bedroom my wife uses as a work room. She has a laptop
and a photo/colour printer and there is no room for the b/w Dell laser we use
as the main workhorse for general work paperwork e.g. Delivery notes etc. I
have the attic which is nice work area, but no direct connection other than
wifi to the hub and the attic is where the Dell is living. The Dell is
hardwire only, i.e. No wifi, but is also the only printer which supports the
air print from the IPads. I also have been playing with a non wifi Raspberry
and wanted internet access from any Sun system I fire up.

So I needed a multiport hub connected to the BT wifi hub. After coming to
terms with the words I needed to search on, i.e. Wifi bridge and ignoring all
the links to wifi extenders etc, the most interesting links were to the DD-WRT
website https://www.dd-wrt.com/site/index. Having read a bit, I went on the
hunt for a suitable cheap router to use with it. Ebay revealed any number of
BT, Virgin et al routers, none of which appear in the DD-WRT database, so I
approached it the other way and looked on the database for the most likely
type to hunt for. The Linksys range looked like a huge range to look for, so
back to Ebay and a B#15 ($20) WRT54G V5 was ordered and arrived promptly.

Updating the firmware was as per the instructions and after a couple of goes
at configuring it (again following detailed instructions) I had a working
bridge and air print etc is now available.

As I mentioned I hope this is of use to someone here.


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