[rescue] SunSolve v1.2 installation

john jferg977 at aol.com
Sun Jan 28 16:00:20 CST 2018

Still no-joy on this.B  I did find reports of troubles with installation 
back in the early '90s on the sun-admin group on google.B  It does look 
like it has to run on a machine using the old yellow page/nis setup.B  
I've done it on one of my installs on the micro sd, but am not yet 
finished. I was unable to make AnswerBook search although it dind't have 
any problem displaying. it could be that it uses the same search 
rpc.solved as SunSolve. .

if i can get SunSolve 1.2 to search, then I can link the AnswerBook 
files and use SunSolve to get at them.

one of the things I noticed was that my SunSolve has a patch database 
current to 1993 which includes patches I haven't seen anywhere else - 
they may have only been available to a supported system.B  Some of these 
patches included new binaries.B  I haven't figured out whether they are 
on the CDROM???

more to follow.

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