[rescue] Culling some goodies!

Bill Stivers stiversb at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 18:52:32 CST 2018

Hey all:

I have:

4x Assorted BA356 disk enclosures with varying numbers of fast scsi disks
with cabling
2x Compaq Alphaserver DS20Es.
- Both functioned fully when last used.
- No skins or case plastics.
- A little external case rust on one but nothing too gross.
- Both dual processor configurations
- Both with reasonable complement of RAM.
2x SGI Indigo 2 Teal Cases
- unknown RAM and other configurations
- both worked when powered down
- fully intact case plastics, which is unusual.
1x Vaxserver 3800
- Extremely rough
- I suck at debugging DEC card configurations
- Did I mention extremely rough?
- But also good case plastics.

I am in the Santa Cruz mountains in Ben Lomond, California.

I would like to, in order of preference:
- Trade for Sun. IBM, or "quirky random Unix" stuff that better fits my
knowledge level, collection theme, and skill.
- Turn both alphas + all of the other stuff + some cash into a smaller,
faster alpha that I can tolerate running in my house
- Give them to a home that I know will be staggeringly good and awesome
where I know they'll get the love and attention I cannot give them.

I'm not super eager to ship any of this, because most of it wants to be
freighted... definite preference for locals.. but I will entertain any

More stuff is coming, this is just the first round of my cull.



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