[rescue] Help me with a car part...

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Fri Jan 26 13:09:50 CST 2018

It's an in-dash clock out of a 1998-02 Ford Crown Vic.  What I need is the
pinout for the wires coming out the back, so I can wire it into the
radio harness for power and have a clock in my dash again - the
new radio I'm installing doesn't have a "persistent clock" feature.

Part number F8AF15000AB


One wire is black
One wire appears to be grey
One wire is white with purple stripe
One wire is green with yellow stripe

I figure black is ground.  Otherwise
one of them has to be constant 12V,
one is "light up with dash", and the
other is "dim or bright"?

Google hasn't helped much.

Any ideas?

Bill Bradford
Houston, Texas USA

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