[rescue] The SPARC10 with all that stuff

john jferg977 at aol.com
Tue Jan 23 13:57:54 CST 2018

As far as cooling is concerned, it appears that a lot of the heat the 
10's suffered was from drives and not just their rejected heat but 
possibly the effect they had on air-flow inside the pizza box - the part 
that would otherwise have kept the mushrooms and pepperoni cooler.

Running 24/7 the box just gets a bit (not a lot) warm.B  right now the 
busiest thing it does is rasterizing postscript input for the sparcprinter.

A problem I'm having right now is getting SunSolve 1.2 to list the files 
found by SearchTool.B  SunSolve 1.2 comes on a CDROM. It included all of 
the files which used to be offered on helpDesk (used by Sun Support in 
1992, the patch lists with all of the readmes, many of the system 
manuals etc.B  All of the files can be accessed off the cdrom if you 
don;t have the disk capacity, or located on a disk.B  the search is done 
by a daemon. the GUI is Openwin.B  And it appears to work, takes time, 
uses cpu, etc, but flashes what may have been an error message and then 
says it couldn't find anything. One would think that the word 'core' 
would be found all over these documents.

two questions. is anyone else running 4.1.4? where might these error 
messages be recorded?B  There is a logfile for SunSolve but it doesn't 
show errors.B  It could be an Xview problem, but I haven't had a problem 
like this with anything else.B  My system is patched to 2000 and I did 
load up a base 4.1.4 system and patched that to 1994 but no joy on that 

I'd be happy to share an ISO and scans of the very brief loading 
instructions if anyone wants to mess with this. let me know, and 
particularly if you have some idea what else I could try.

FWIW, AnswerBook loaded right up and works fine.B  I can share an ISO of 
that too if anyone is interested.


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