[rescue] E450 Console puzzler

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Tue Jan 23 07:13:27 CST 2018

" From: Steve Hatle <shatle at nfldinet.com>
" Mine does have the two headers, but does not have the correct back panel 
" to bring out the second UPA. The hardware manual talks about having to 
" replace this if you want to use the second UPA.

curious!  it's been quite a while since i opened mine up, but looking
at it sideways [since the board's on edge], it appears to have blanked
openings for 2 upas side by side, with a blanked sbus under one and a
db25 under the other.  why would they bother to make multiple panels?

" Mine does identify itself as "server" in OBP, but I understand that's a 
" setting that can be changed.
" I wish I had the SCSI backplane expansion! Mine only has the 4 disk 
" backplane. Of course two more 400Mhz CPU and voltage regulators would be 
" fun as well!

mine's pretty fully loaded as servers go, with 4*480s and 20*18G;
can't recall what the ram is but that's maxed out too.

i'd be tempted to offer you my system if you weren't so far away - i'm
in 01835 and shipping a 180-odd lb monster is just not on - b/c i
haven't done much with it for a while and don't know if i ever will.
then again, given its power budget, it ought to be stuffed with 300g
drives but budget doesn't permit, and even then i'd only have 6tb [!!].
one can get twice that in a single sas drive these days.

" Steve
" Sandwich Maker wrote:
" > " From: "Steve Hatle"<shatle at nfldinet.com>
" > "
" > " Just to tie up this thread, I found my E450 had the header for a UPA
" > "  framebuffer. A quick trip to the spares box turned up a framebuffer from
" > "  an old Ultra 1 or 2. Popped that in, and everything was OK with a Sun
" > "  monitor and keyboard. That's enough console for me to get an OS installed.
" >
" > workstation versions should have *two* headers.  sadly, mine, as a
" > server, doesn't, though the spots on the main board are there, but it
" > does have the 20-disk expansion hardware.
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