[rescue] spaerc10 +x1059a+fastethernet

john jferg977 at aol.com
Sun Jan 21 12:50:37 CST 2018

Well it works and works well. The X1059a FastEthernet s-bus card cost 
$29 +/- from MemoryX and the FastEthernet 2.1 installation ISO shared by 
one of our members worked like a charm.B  Tests reveal that I'm getting 
100 mbs which is 10 times the speed i had before.

I now have the following: SPARC 10 with Turbo-GX frame-buffer, the 
X1059a FastEthernet card, two Ross 625 Hyper CPU's, 484 Megs of RAM, 
(good thing it doesn't cost $695 per 4 megs like it did in 1991) the V5 
SCSI2SD adapter on a 3d printed sled, and (gasp) 4 2.1 Gig SD drives on 
a 16 gig industrial micro-sd chip.

Also the SPARCprinter S-Bus card along with the printer, 2.3 gig Sun 
Exabyte drive, and a Sun CDROM with the Sony drive replaced with a good 
matsushita cd. Also the audiobox. I also have a Sun QIC tape drive for 
me to discover that all of the belts on my old tapes are stretched.B  
After tons of searching I was never able to find a source for new belts.

Print processing with NewsPrint for FRAME and GhostScript (GhostPrint) 
for everything else.B  I can network print from the linux machines and 
the apple to the SPARCprinter but haven't yet figured out how to print 
to it from Windows 10 - installing PPD printers in Windows 10 isn't obvious.

So thanks to two of our readers here for the FastEthernet software and 
the advice and old SPARC10 which I parted out to fix my original machine.

best regards,

john ferguson

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