[rescue] HP DL380, VALinux FullOn 2x2, Sun Ultra 60 - Free to good home

Ido Dubrawsky idubraws at dubrawsky.org
Sun Jan 14 17:03:23 CST 2018

Sorry forgot to add my location: Silver Spring, MD

Ido Dubrawsky
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On Jan 14, 2018, at 16:32, Ido Dubrawsky
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Ive got the following systems in my basement that I just dont need anymore
and Im trying to clean things up.  Id rather not scrap them so the first
person who can get here to pick them up  theyre yours:

I've got an HP DL380G3 with a RAID 5 card, dual 2GHz Xeon processors, 12GB
memory, and 4x36.4GB disks that I don't need anymore.  x86 architecture (sorry
no x64 on this one).  Looking for $300 for it.  Too heavy to ship.  Must be a
local pickup.

1 x Sun Ultra 60 2x360MHz CPU, 4GB RAM, 36GB disk (I think)

1 x Sun Ultra 60 2x440MHz CPU, 4GB RAM, 36GB disk (I think)

I also found that I have a PCI SCSI/FastEthernet board as well for the above

1 VALinux FullOn 2x2 - 2x1GHz Pentium III, 2GB RAM, 1 x 9.1GB Atlas 10K RPM
drive, 3 x Seagate Cheetah 173404 (73.4GB per drive)

Also, I have a 19 telco rack that I want to get rid of.

Again  this is all free for the taking  with the caveat that you take them.

Ido Dubrawsky
IT and Network Architecture
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