[rescue] Some systems available Blade 2K and Ultra 60

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Tue Jan 9 10:36:55 CST 2018


Sorry for your loss. Between family and friends, it's been a bad winter for

If anyone picks up this lot and would be willing to send off an SS1/SS2 to me,
I would be happy to cover costs.

This is too far of a distance in the middle of a winter, not to mention I
already have a 2000 and no real desire for a U60.


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Blade 2K and Ultra 60
From: "Christopher Purdy" <escher.beretta.2112 at gmail.com>
Date: 1/9/18 10:19 am
To: "The Rescue List" <rescue at sunhelp.org>

So - My father passed away just before the holiday - and now I'm going
 through his estate and bringing a lot of items home (LOTS of tools, etc)...
 and as such, I don't have room for my old workstations.

 So - the time has come for my sun gear to bid its final farewell...

 I'd like to offload the entire lot if possible...

 I have a Blade 2000 with dual CPU's I believe
 An Ultra 60 fully loaded as well
 a couple SS1 and or 2's.. and a few various keyboards and mice.

 I'm unsure of the status of any of it as I haven't messed with my Sun stuff
 in several years... the U60 and Blade 2K booted headless about a month ago,
 but I didn't have the right converter to hook them up to a monitor.

 I'm located in Fenton, MI

 Free for the taking - just let me know when you are coming.

 I also have a HP c8000 that I recently brought home from work... same deal
 - no space for it... come and get it... I'm dying for more space now.

 Christopher Purdy
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