[rescue] 3-1-4-3 beep error codes on Sun Ultra20 m2 system

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Mon Jan 8 18:30:07 CST 2018

Just a bit more.

I had never added, or removed any IO cards previously.

The system had shipped with a Nvidia Quattro (1500 I believe) frame buffer.  I powered down, removed the Nvidia card then powered 
back up.  Only change is that the beeps have disappeared.  I have left the Sun supplied Nvidia frame buffer out of the system.

No video output, using only the DB15 output from the motherboard.

One other thing that I didn't add earlier is regarding the keyboard.  Using a Sun/Oracle type 7 keyboard.  No initialization light 
since I have started.  This box has (6) USB ports, 4 rear and 2 front.  No keyboard initialization lights on the keyboard.  I have 
used the keyboard on another system, and it is a known good keyboard.

Thanks again for looking.


On 08/01/18 17:57, Jerry Kemp wrote:
> I'm having some local storage issues here at home, and needed a box to wind up and move some data over to.
> I have a Sun Ultra 20 M2 system, that I had purchased direct from Sun that seemed to fit the bill, i.e. a box I could load up with 
> several big SATA drives and rsync data over to.
> Anyway, start with plugging it in.  Had not used this box in a few years.  Fan(s) wind up to full speed, but no output what-so-ever 
> on the monitor.  Fans never wind down.
> First thought, pull all boards and memory and re-seat them.  No change.
> 2nd, even though this box worked when I put it away, spent some quality time looking over the motherboard for cut traces, bulging 
> capacitors, etc.  Nothing jumps out at me.
> 3rd though, BIOS/firmware battery dead, preventing booting.  Worth looking at anyway, or maybe too many years dealing with Apple 
> PRAM issues.  Power down, pull old battery.  Multimeter says .7 volts, should be 3v.  Cr2032 battery, same as just about everyone 
> uses.   Check new battery for correct voltage, then plug back in and reapply power.
> Something has changed, a bit anyway.  I now have beep (error) codes.   3-1-4-3.  Test that twice.
> Find Sun/Oracle documentation online.  Has troubleshooting section, but nothing with that beep code.
> Broaden my search, finally find the beep code, but its not for Tyan motherboard powered Sun Ultra 20 M2 boxes, its for old IBM 
> Thinkpads.  Here are a couple of hits.
> <https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/24217965/IBM-Thinkpad-Error-Beep-Code-3-1-4-3.html>
> <https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T61-and-prior-T-series/Beep-code-3-1-4-3/td-p/44259>
> <https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T61-and-prior-T-series/Beep-code-3-1-4-3/m-p/107579#M60471>
> anyway, I know that, the IBM part was worthless, just showing I did my homework before asking.
> I'm guessing that the motherboard has died, and I am left with its components to find new homes for.
> Wanted to post here first to see if anyone else had any thoughts or comments.
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