[rescue] 3-1-4-3 beep error codes on Sun Ultra20 m2 system

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Mon Jan 8 17:57:13 CST 2018

I'm having some local storage issues here at home, and needed a box to wind up and move some data over to.

I have a Sun Ultra 20 M2 system, that I had purchased direct from Sun that seemed to fit the bill, i.e. a box I could load up with 
several big SATA drives and rsync data over to.

Anyway, start with plugging it in.  Had not used this box in a few years.  Fan(s) wind up to full speed, but no output what-so-ever 
on the monitor.  Fans never wind down.

First thought, pull all boards and memory and re-seat them.  No change.

2nd, even though this box worked when I put it away, spent some quality time looking over the motherboard for cut traces, bulging 
capacitors, etc.  Nothing jumps out at me.

3rd though, BIOS/firmware battery dead, preventing booting.  Worth looking at anyway, or maybe too many years dealing with Apple 
PRAM issues.  Power down, pull old battery.  Multimeter says .7 volts, should be 3v.  Cr2032 battery, same as just about everyone 
uses.   Check new battery for correct voltage, then plug back in and reapply power.

Something has changed, a bit anyway.  I now have beep (error) codes.   3-1-4-3.  Test that twice.

Find Sun/Oracle documentation online.  Has troubleshooting section, but nothing with that beep code.

Broaden my search, finally find the beep code, but its not for Tyan motherboard powered Sun Ultra 20 M2 boxes, its for old IBM 
Thinkpads.  Here are a couple of hits.




anyway, I know that, the IBM part was worthless, just showing I did my homework before asking.

I'm guessing that the motherboard has died, and I am left with its components to find new homes for.

Wanted to post here first to see if anyone else had any thoughts or comments.

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