[rescue] solaris 9 binaries for Subversion?

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Mon Jan 8 15:46:43 CST 2018

Excellent.  Glad I could assist.


Now, on to my next quest, acquiring one of those Sun GT Graphic Towers.


I wasn't even aware of those till Eddie Cottongim's post.

Have a great day.


On 08/01/18 15:35, Dave McGuire wrote:
>    Perfect, problem solved.  Thank you!
>               -Dave
> On 01/08/2018 03:50 PM, Jerry Kemp wrote:
>> Hello Dave,
>> Sorry, I don't have a direct answer to your question, but possibly
>> something that can assist.
>> I'm sure that most of us are aware that sunfreeware went commercial
>> several years ago.B  This fact hasn't changed AFAIK.
>> Before it went commercial, there were quite a few mirrors of sunfreeware
>> software, many that are still out there.
>> Fire up your browser and hit up duckduckgo, or your favorite search
>> engine, and search for sunfreeware mirror.
>> This has worked for me assisting smaller clients with older SPARC
>> equipment who were not aware that they were dependent upon old
>> sunfreeware binaries.
>> Good luck,
>> Jerry
>> On 08/01/18 14:45, Dave McGuire wrote:
>>> B B  I'm looking for Subversion binaries for Solaris 9.B  I started to
>>> compile it, but got dragged into dependency hell and I don't want to
>>> deal with it.B  I found some binary packages on line, but they are behind
>>> a paywall (!)...Does anyone have this handy?B  I'm very frustrated and
>>> just need to get a job done..
>>> B B B B B B B B B B  -Dave
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