[rescue] Sun PCI Cards needing a home

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Sun Jan 7 10:35:04 CST 2018


I'm cleaning out some items and looking to raise some B# ... this is what I

1x Sun/Symbios 348-0036690 PCI dual-channel SCSI adapter. Symbios p/n 22802
2x Sun/Symbios 348-0036689 PCI dual-channel SCSI adapters; the difference
is that these have internal 50-pin connectors in addition to the 68 pin.
Symbios p/n 22801
2x Sun 501-5902 Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base T, Broadcom chipset)
2x QLogic HBAs QLA 2340
1x Sun PCI Graphics 370-4362 PGX64 Framebuffer

Make some offers if you're interested. Shipping is from OX10 in the UK. I'm
open to ship back to the US or to the EU.

I have at least 1x external SCSI cable that works with the PCI SCSI cards.

+44 7792 149029

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