[rescue] Framebuffer Logos

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sun Jan 7 07:13:47 CST 2018

> Does anybody have a collection of the framebuffer logos that appear
> on boot?  With the variety of framebuffers around, I'm sure there are
> rarely-seen ones.

Based on what you say below, I'll assume you're talking about Suns.

> For example, the CG6:
> http://www.obsolyte.com/sunPICS/misc/3dlogo.gif
> (This picture is 512x512, so I don't know where it came from.. the
> boot ones look about 128x96 to me)

I think the logo area is actually square, though perhaps not entirely
used by some framebuffers.

> When did Sun began displaying a framebuffer logo at boot?

My guess is "with OpenBoot", but that's just a guess.

> Is there a way to pull the graphics off the card programmatically
> instead of photographing the monitor?

Sometimes.  I'm fairly sure I found a logo image in a dump of at least
one framebuffer's FCode area, though I've failed to find the directory
I did that work in, and I don't know whether other cards have similarly
easily findable logo images.

If you boot a kernel that doesn't scroll the framebuffer too much, the
logo image may still be visible when the kernel gets control and thus
may be readable out of the framebuffer itself.

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