[rescue] My Sparcstation Voyager is disfunctional

Michael Welle ml01 at c0t0d0s0.de
Fri Jan 5 11:51:17 CST 2018


Daniel Wetzler <danielwetzler at appleinfo.de> writes:

> Dear Sunhelpers :-),
> I have a problem with my Sun Sparc Voyager, which was functional about
> 2 years ago but isn't today.
> After connecting it to the power and pressing the start button it
> sounds like a hardddrive begins to spin but that's all what happens.
my Voyager showed signs of a flat NVRAM battery. Soon after it showed
the same behaviour as yours, but switched on for half an hour or so and
a reboot later it usually came up. Now this 'trick' does not work anymore.

I haven't had time to look into it. But the hope is that a new battery
will fix that, even if the symptoms seem to be a tad strange for a flat
battery. The worst case is a micro crack somewhere on the board, which
was temporary fixed by the increased temperature after half an hour of


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