[rescue] Sun 3/50 BTW (and Sun 2 keyboard)

Matt Patoray mspproductions at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 22:32:39 CST 2018

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> On Feb 26, 2018, at 5:53 PM, Ian Finder <ian.finder at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> So it is the typical oxidation problem on the cathode?
> OK, I think I know someone local with a CRT rejuvenator. I'll give that a
> go.

Yes it is a common thing to happen to old display tubes that sit around, some
come upb
 ok on their own after being used for half an hour or so, some do
not and need a little love tap from a rejuvenator.

If you are going to use a rejuvenator, try and get ahold of a Sencore CR-70 or
CR-7000. They are much gentler on the tube then the B&K rejuvenators.

Before you rejuvenate, make sure you test the CRT completely to make sure
there are no shorts of any type.

Also be careful when removing the connector on the CRT base, monochrome
CRTbs have really thin glass at the neck and it is not hard to break. And
once a CRT reaches atmospheric pressure there is currently nothing that can be
done to repair it. But there is a group in Columbus Ohio that is working on
setting up a CRT rebuilding operation.


> And I've learned this ECL display will be forever destined for the Sun
> 3/260 (at 1600x1200) as it is indeed single-sync. Bummer.
> Still, for the 2/120 I have two video options:
> 1) I have some sort of Extron ECL video converter in the garage, I'll take
> a closer look at this once the keyboard and mouse arrive (thanks, kind list
> member!) and report back.
> 2) Failing that, I can switch the framebuffer to TTL and rig up my own
> adapter.
> I have plenty of (color) monitors that will handle the resolution and
> timings in question- and I'm quite pleased to have found the requisite
> matching input devices. :)
> Perhaps the correct monitor will turn up eventually...
> - Ian

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