[rescue] Sun 3/50 BTW (and Sun 2 keyboard)

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Mon Feb 26 10:43:09 CST 2018

Two things from recent posts...

First, the Sun 2 keyboard -- Those are definitely made from unobtainium.
I've been looking for one for over 10 years
(only took me 8 years to find a front panel for my 2/120) .  So I doubt it
will be easy to source.  Heck, I have spare Sun 1 boards
that I've offered with no responses.     I've had 2 Sun 1/100's in my
possession (still have one...with drive unit... that boots) but never
a 2 Keyboard.  I know where one is, but the only thing they'd trade for is
a Sun 1 keyboard (no spares there...)

Second,  I have a 3/50 Clearpoint memory upgrade board, in what looks like
semi-new-in-box condition.  I got it when I got all the Sun 1 gear I got.
I don't plan on getting a 3/50

 (I have 3/110, a 4/110 a 2/120 and the 1/100) since the BW monitor issue
is definitely a point with these
machines.  My 3/110 I have the 3 BNC to 13w3, then to VGA which works with
semi-new monitors... so I have solutions for the 3/110 and
4/110.  The 1/100 I have a good tube/monitor, so no issues there either.   )

ANYWAY, if there is a 3/50 collector out there who could use this, ping me.
(I wouldn't turn down any trades, but really not looking to make $$ on
this... just to get it to a better home)


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