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>> Well, you need some form of memory, whether it takes the form of
>> RAM, or phosphor persistence, or even human-eye persistence. :-)
> I was referring to the problem that as your effective resolution
> approaches being relatively prime to the actual display resolution,
> clever scaling needs doing or everything gets Bresenham'ed to crap.

Only if you insist on scaling.

I would MUCH rather letterbox.  I find it extremely annoying that the
more modern a flatscreen is, (IME) the less likely it is to support
letterboxing instead of scaling.  (Actually, I would _like_ three
options: (1) scale as most do now; (2) letterbox; (3) scale by the
largest _integer_ factor possible.  Ideally each of those could be
chosen separately in each dimension, but that's more from an aesthetic
of orthogonality than because I think it would actually be useful.)

>> Personally, nothing involving HDMI is fun.  Supporting HDMI is
>> negative when I'm looking for a computer; supporting nothing but
>> HDMI is a much bigger negative.
> I guess it depends on how many yaks you want to shave.

The presence of HDMI makes me feel icky dealing with the machine in
question (largely but not entirely because of HDCP - some of whose
costs still apply even if it's not getting used); the lack of anything
else makes me feel much ickier, to the point where I doubt I would
tolerate it on a machine I'm not being paid to work with.

After all, I play with computers because I enjoy it.  So, anything that
impairs that enjoyment, from USB to the x86 ISA to HDMI, matters.

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