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Thu Feb 15 16:26:58 CST 2018

>> It seems obvious to me to take the sync-to-signal electronics from a
>> CRT and backend it with a flatscreen, [...]
> If you want a very general display (for dealing with odd
> fixed-frequency display generators, and display generators with
> unusual frequencies), you end up needing a framebuffer in the middle.

Well, you need some form of memory, whether it takes the form of RAM,
or phosphor persistence, or even human-eye persistence. :-)

But, really, what makes the most sense to me is to put the memory with
the pixels: each pixel of screen includes not just driving electronics
but 24 (or whatever) bits of RAM to store that pixel, plus enough logic
to support the scan decoding logic writing to those bits - though this
seems obvious enough there probably is some reason it's difficult to do
or it would have already been done.

> This might be a fun project to build on one of the many ARM
> development boards that have HDMI outputs.

Personally, nothing involving HDMI is fun.  Supporting HDMI is negative
when I'm looking for a computer; supporting nothing but HDMI is a much
bigger negative.

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