[rescue] Just rescued these thanks to gov deals. 2 SGI origin Systems

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Thu Feb 15 11:37:26 CST 2018

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> [...] You can do alot with very little.

There was this Sun branded Fujitsu M244X 9-track tape drive listed on ebay
for $1 opening bid and local pickup only.  I won the auction and went
down to pick it up.  *MAN*, that thing is heavy.  I used a couple 2x4s
and one of those little cinching straps to essentially winch it into
the back of my car.  I had no help around and it was too big (and too
many sharp metal edges) to lift into the car by myself.  So yes, a
litle ingenuity and a little patience are all you need most of the
time :).
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