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Wed Feb 14 20:30:11 CST 2018

>> Seems to me there's a market - a small niche market, but still - for
>> new CRT monitors.  Anyone looking for a business plan?
> If I remember correctly there was also an environmental reason why
> folk moved away from manufacture of CRTs, possibly to do with heavy
> metals or some such reason?

Possibly; I don't recall any such details, for what (little) that may
be worth.  It seems obvious to me to take the sync-to-signal
electronics from a CRT and backend it with a flatscreen, but a friend
who's much better in touch with such things than I am says that would
infringe various patents.  (Invalid patents, I suspect, based on the
obviousness criterion, but, even if I'm right, breaking them would
require someone willing to slog through the relevant aspects of the
applicable legal system(s).)

Of course, there may be jurisdictions with saner patent systems where
there are no such patents, but I suspect that does not describe most of
the market, thus semi-killing the business plan. :-(

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