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Barry Keeney barryk at chaoscon.com
Tue Feb 13 20:39:47 CST 2018

On Tue, 13 Feb 2018, Mouse wrote:

>> People don't seem to understand (or don't care enough) that this is
>> how things become "rare".
> As someone who's dropped big heavy CRTs during moves recently:  I know
> exactly that's how the things become rare.  But, unfortunately (for me
> as well everyone else here), service to the hobby far too often loses
> to being able to fit everything into an affordable place.
> Seems to me there's a market - a small niche market, but still - for
> new CRT monitors.  Anyone looking for a business plan?

    I used to sell used Sun monitors in the early 90's. I got them at
the local goverment auctions. The guys who bought PC stuff left the
Sun color moniters alone because you couldn't use them on PC's without
a high end video card. I'd picked them up for $5 each. 2 out of 3
worked with maybe a minor adjustment. I'd get $125 + shipping
each, mostly because the shipping was about $100 for the 19" color
BNC, weight just below the limit for UPS and needed to be doubled

    I wish I'd kept more of the monitors, I have the computers, just
not enough monitors. I even have some rare ones, like a 12meg 3/50.

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