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Tue Feb 13 16:07:13 CST 2018

" From: JP Hindin <jplist2008 at kiwigeek.com>
" On Tue, 13 Feb 2018, Dave McGuire wrote:
" > On 02/13/2018 04:29 PM, Ian Frost wrote:
" >> I have a small number of old Sun monochrome monitors, which Ibve managed to
" >> keep working over the years despite a few capacitor blow outs, etc.
" >>
" >> I'd really like to get one of the old Sun 17/19" colour monitors from the
" >> early SPARC era - I had one but gave it away a decade or more ago.
" >>
" >> So many of the the old CRTs seem to have been recycled - I wonder if anyone
" >> has one they would like to get rid off ?
" >>
" >> I can collect of course - I'm based near London.
" >>
" >> Just out of interest - how many of these monitors are still around - anyone
" >> still using them ?
" >
" >  We have three or four at LSSM, in preparation for the opening of the
" > third exhibit floor which includes workstations.  Those monitors have
" > become very difficult to find, due of course to people trashing them.
" Are these the ones with the DB9 that go to Sun3 framebuffers? If so, I 
" have a pair of them to go with my Sun 3/110s and 3/60s.
" If not... which ones are they? :)

i assume they're talking about the older multi-bnc ones.  i have one
which i haven't used in 2 decades, and while i'm closer to london than
to los angeles i'm afraid i can't help ian.  i'm also far enough from
pittsburgh that i don't know how i'd get it to dave, much as i'd like
to donate it.
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