[rescue]   eSATA on SPARC - or SCSI->eSATA converters

Mike Spooner mike.spooner.ux at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 15:36:38 CST 2018

SCSI-SATA bridge box: 3.5" SCSI carrier for 2.5" SATA drive: ACARD
ARS-2320 or ACARD ARS-2160, versions exist for 68-pin or SCA on the SCSI
side, which is both LVD and SE capable.

Both work beautifully in my SPARCstation-10 connected to Antares Wide
Ultra SCSI SBus HBA.

Kind of expensive though - #200, although I was lucky enough to get some
resulting from an expired industrial support contract for a bit less.

-- Mike Spooner

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From: Jerry Kemp
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Date: Thu Feb 08 20:15:12 GMT+00:00 2018
Subject: [rescue] eSATA on SPARC - or SCSI->eSATA converters
It seems a couple of months ago, we had a discussion regarding adding
SATA/eSATA drives to SPARC based systems.

One of the options that came up during the discussion, was to not even
try to use a SAS or SATA host bus adapter, but, instead, to
just use a SCSI card+cabling, and to add SCSI->SATA converters to add
SATA drive(s) to the SCSI chain.

I'm usually pretty good about archiving data, but I can't seem to locate
that discussion again in my personal archives.

Hoping that who ever shared that information could share the specifics of
that again.

FWIW, the host would be a Sun T1000 with a PCI-E 1.0a expansion bus,
specifically, the old one I purchased from Mr. Bill. It is
going to live in a different enclosure with different/quieter/larger

And just to ask directly, even though the specific cards may not matter,
for who ever is already doing this, wondering what PCI-E
SCSI HBA you used, and also, what SCSI->SATA converter/adapters you used.


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