[rescue] emacs for HP-UX 10.20

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Wed Dec 26 12:18:22 CST 2018

On 12/26/18 1:08 PM, Jonathan Patschke wrote:
>> B I'm continuing some work to bring up an HP-UX 10.20 system.B  Before I
>> start compiling, does anyone know of emacs binaries available for this
>> platform?B  Apparently a set used to be around, but it has
>> evaporated...has anyone here archived it?
> I have a nearly-current (as of 2015) set of GNU stuff for HP-UX 10.20 that
> I put together for $employer[-1].B  By default it installs into a strange
> place (long story), but it's a path specifically chosen to be the same
> length as '/usr/local' so that the binaries can be patched to live there.
> I *think* I built Emacs, but I certainly got gcc, gmake, python 2.7,
> recent Perl, and vim (which should be more than enough to bootstrap
> emacs).B  If that'll help, I'll dig it out, on the condition that I'm
> allowed to forget that it exists. :)

  It's a deal! ;)  Could you tar it up and drop it on ftp.neurotica.com
in /incoming?  (anon ftp, write-only)  Thanks!

> You'll still need the HP linker and assembler, as binutils never
> fully-supported the platform and required hand-hacking to build whatever
> version I finally got to cooperate.B  I *probably* still have all the
> HP-supplied bits, too.

  Yup, I got that stuff last night, or at least I think I did...I now
have the ANSI C package, which is capable of building basic executables.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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